Saturday, June 25, 2011

Decoration Inspiration Part 3 - Home in Progress

So on Monday we will finally have our house keys!  So Sean and I started doing some shopping this weekend. Since I had some time, I thought I would share what we finally settled on for our master bedroom.

So everything is going to be black and white. I still want to add a punch of color, but I have not decided what color just yet. Anyways, on Friday we went to a local furniture store and picked out our bedroom furniture, some decorations, a sofa, and a set of coffee tables. This is the bedroom set we decided on:

We bought 2 night stands, the bed, and the dresser with mirror. I originally purchased this bedroom set as well, but Sean wasn't crazy about it, so we canceled it. Instead we went to Macy's and picked out this bed set.


I also picked up two of this mirror for the bedroom:

Finally, today I went and picked out a bathroom set for the bedroom.  I had a hard time finding something that stuck with my black and white theme, especially since there were others I really like that would completely have not gone. So, after several stores, I finally settled on this set:

So that's it, the master bedroom and bathroom. I think I'm going to save everything else for one we are in and decorated. This has been so much fun and I can't wait to get in and see what everything is going to look like. Pictures of the house when finished to come!

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