Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diet/Life Update

First, I have to be honest that last weeks diet adventure was a big fail.

Sean was having a rough week at work and needed some time away, so we packed up and headed to the coast. We ended up staying in this small, secluded beach town with very few dinning options. We did the best we could considering, but definitely not ideal.

To add to that story a little, we got a rather rude wake up call at 5:00am on Friday morning. Let me back up a little...

We went to bed Thursday night with the news of what was happening in Japan on our mind. We got back to the room late that night and had just found out about it on the news. I remember saying to Sean how crazy it was and I wonder if the waves could make it our way.

Fast forward to Friday morning at 5am. The phone started ringing and there was a really loud siren going off in the background.

Sean and I both shot out of bed and he answered the phone. Turns out it was the hotel basically telling us that there were Tsunami warnings on the coast and that if we wanted to leave we should pack up and do so now, as they were closing down the roads and stuff.

So we packed up and headed to my mom's. There wasn't a lot else we could do and traffic to Salem was A LOT better than traffic to Portland. We stopped and got some breakfast before heading to mom's. I was on the phone with her at 5:30am and it was kinda funny how worried she was, since they were talking about the waves being MAYBE a couple of feet.

Anyways, we got to mom's and spent the rest of the weekend with the family celebrating my sisters birthday and planning her wedding. So, needless to say, I didn't do so well with my eating.

Last night was better. We made turkey burgers on these whole wheat 100 calorie buns with spinach and onions on them. It was pretty tasty. Tonight has stuffed chicken with curried quinoa on the menu for dinner.

So time to get back on track. I'm determined to get healthy before my sisters wedding so I have to have the dress taken in A TON. That's my goal. We will see how that goes. :)


  1. I love quimoa! How do you make it curried? I have been sauteing chard and kale in coconut oil with garlic and adding that to regular quimoa and it's pretty tasty!

  2. I found the recipe for it on allrecipe. It actually turned out pretty well. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Curried-Quinoa/Detail.aspx