Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sister Wedding Update

So this weekend Sean and I are in Eugene visiting my family. My sister, mom, and I started working on the location. We are pretty sure we found the ceremony location.

We also went to David's Bridal to look at dresses, and my sister found her wedding dress. It's amazing. I also found my bridesmaid dress. David's actually does some of their long dresses with extra length, which would have been nice 3 years ago when I wasn't able to be in my friends wedding. The dress wasn't long enough and the bride didn't want to change it. Whatever... Anyways, so here it is....

That's the color and everything. Everyone else will be in blue, but I'm Matron of Honor, so I get silver. Kinda fun. :)

I also found a dress for our friends wedding in November. Going to wait a little longer to order it, but I'm super excited about it, as it is also long and also comes with extra length. This is that dress...

So all and all a successful weekend. I'm coming down next weekend and we are going to start working on reception venue. I'm also going to work on some other stuff this week since I don't really have any Alpha Chi stuff to do.

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  1. Oh that looks like its going to be a very beautiful wedding! Looking forward to your posts of the actual day!



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