Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: The Fitbit

When Sean and I decided it was time to lose weight and get healthy, he started saying he wanted to BodyBug. Unfortunately, they are like $300 for the system, so I started doing some research into an alternative. After looking at reviews and prices, I found the Fitbit.

For about $100 you get the device, a clip that it can be put into to wear on thicker clothing, a charging station, and a band to strap around your wrist so you can wear it at night.

As part of the purchase price, you also get access to this fantastic tracking site.

In addition to tracking your steps, it also calculates your sleep efficiency, calories burned, and you can even track what you eat. It gives you a base calorie consumption based on your gender, height, and weight and then you input what you eat. It's so easy and I love that I can track it all in one place.


I love being able to track everything in one place. The website it truly one of the best features of the device. It's very easy to use and all you have to do is plug your Fitbit into the charging station for it to sync up with the website. I also like the Friends feature. Its nice to be able to compare with my husband (who also has one). My competitive side takes over and I want to get more steps than him in.

I also like that its small, because I can wear it on my clothes easily and its not as noticeable as, say, the Body Bug.

It's very easy to read and shows calories burned, steps taken, and distance walked right on the screen. It also has a screen with a flower on it that grows as you become more active. I love this feature because it makes you want to be more active, just to see how tall the flower will grow.


It's small size is a big plus, but its also the biggest con. I've thought I lost it a few times already and because it clips onto your pants like a clothes pin, it does feel like it could break easily.

I also don't like the band that it straps to for you to wear at night. It has to go around your wrist, so if you have sensitive skin its not ideal. And it falls out of the strap pretty easily, so your sleep efficiency is not always accurate.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it. It you get a lot features and it seems to be pretty accurate (as far as I can tell). I would not recommend it for people who tend to lose things, because it is extremely easy to misplace. Otherwise its a great product that does exactly what it says it will and for a reasonable price.

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