Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decoration Inspiration Part 2: The Bedroom - Update

Macy's was having an AWESOME sale this weekend, including an additional 10% off. So, coupon in hand, I went to explore and see if they had anything I couldn't live without.

I had long ago promised Sean that I wouldn't start buying stuff for the new place until we actually had the keys. But then I found this...

I love this bed set and it was SUCH a good deal. For only $90 I got an eight piece bed set (normally $250) that includes everything you see above except for the sheets. So, I just need to find a nice set of white sheets, and I'm good to go on my new bed set.

I love it so much and it is just what I wanted. I really wish we were closing sooner now, but June 17th will come soon enough. Stay tuned, I will post pictures of the actual set in the actual room as soon as we are moved in. :)

June 6th Update: The bed set came in the mail today and I love it just as much! The yellow is a bit softer than it looks in the pictures, but otherwise its great! It was definitely worst the $90. Thank you Macy's!!

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