Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Buying in the Burbs Part 2

So now that we have our dream home picked out (okay, maybe not our DREAM home, but our dream home for now), we have begun the long and frustrating process of getting it inspected, appraised, and purchased.

At first I thought we were getting off easy. Everything has gone relatively smoothly to date. Since the home is new, their were minimal things that needed to be done and the seller agreed to repair all of them. So here we are thinking all is going well, and then today our bubble was completely burst.

Issue #1: Our amazing realtor (and yes, I stand by that statement despite this) forgot to put the dishwasher repair in our repair agreement. That was the one big thing Sean and I were concerned about and the only thing she forgot. So now we have to hope that the seller will still agree to repair it OR we will have to make a claim against the home warranty to get it fixed. Annoying.

Issue #2: We had the re-inspection today to make sure everything that was listed in the repair agreement had been done. It had not. For some reason the gas was still off, which means the inspector couldn't check the furnace, air conditioner, stove, or fire place. This means we will have to pay to have him out AGAIN. Sandy (our above stated realtor) is going to try and get them to cover the cost, but I'm honestly not sure why they would.

Issue #3: So because we are applying for a 100% financing loan through OnPoint Credit Union (which is a great bank, BTW, and the mortgage broker we are working with is awesome), we have to jump through a few additional hoops to get our financing. One of those is getting a condo certification that gives them a bunch of information about the homeowners association and determines whether we can get 100% financing or if we have to put 5% down. So the original condo cert that the bank got was wrong and we were told we would have to put the 5% down. Now we are finding out that we may not have to put the 5% down, HOWEVER, its suppose to take up to 2 weeks to get the cert. We are suppose to close June 17th. Clearly that will be cutting it close.

So, there goes my dreams of an "easy" home buying process. I'll continue to share updates as they happen, so stand by for more on that front.

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