Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make-up to Try: Benefits Cosmetics

I spend WAY to much money at Sephora. I've typically had a couple of go-to brands I buy from regularly (Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, etc...), but occasionally I will step outside the box and try something new.

Most recently, I finally accumulated 500 points on my Insider card and got to indulge in the full sized sample. On this particular day they were offering a full-sized sample of two Benefits Cosmetics: a full size blush and mascara.

The first was this amazing blush, CORALista. First thing I noticed upon opening it was that it had a light perfume smell. I wasn't a big fan of the little brush that came with it, but I have a large assortment of my own brushes, so it was easy to find something to use in its place. The color is great. A light coral-pink color that can be layered to be as dark or light as you want, so it really could work on just about any skin tone. I have a medium complexion myself, so I usually find a couple sweeps does me nicely. Its definitely one of the better, more versatile blushes I have come across.

Next, I got a full sized sample of this BADgirl Lash mascara. It has a think, fluffy brush which is great for my thick lashes. The brush itself is a little long and may not be an easy application for someone with smaller eyes. But it goes on in nice thin layers and doesn't clump as much as many of the other mascaras I have tried. It's a great everyday mascara because one coat covers and darkens, without making it look done up. My biggest complaint with mascara has always been having to have an every day and an evening mascara, but this one works well as both with just a couple extra coats.

I was very impressed with both products, so on a recent trip to look for a new bronzer, I decided to give Benefits another try.


I ended up picking up this bronzer and blush in one combination called 10. Again, the first thing I noticed upon opening it was the scent. It was different from the CORALista, but still very pleasant. The instructions say to take the brush it comes with and sweep it across the top before applying to your checks for high and low lights. I tried this, but wasn't such a fan. I still don't like the brush these come with. So I tried it again with my own brushes and have to say it looked MUCH better. The small brush it comes with just made it look too dark. With my own brushes I was able to control the amount that went on much better. The light blush against the dark bronzer makes for a great check bone highlighter and, if all you want is some bronzer, sweep it around the box and apply as desired. It's a great light bronzer, but not what you want if you are looking for something dramatic.

All and all my first experiences with Benefit Cosmetics was pretty darn successful. I think next I'm going to give some of their eyeshadow a try.

I'm always looking for new stuff to try, so what about you? What are some of your favorites? What brand of makeup do I just HAVE to try and why? Comment below.

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  1. I love Bad Girl lash!!

    Glad that you liked the yumm bowls. It's so delicious and healthy at the same time! You can buy the sauce in any of the restaurants or Whole Foods or New Seasons