Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decoration Inspiration Part 1: The Living Room

So ever since Sean and I found out we got this house, I've been thinking non-stop about one things....

How am I going to decorate?

Currently, I live in what can only be described as "single man motif." Sean had a lot of input into everything we purchased, so its kind of a mishmash of stuff. However, he agreed that I could decorate the new place however I wanted.

I have a rug that I love, so I've taken my inspiration from the colors in it. Here's a bit of what I've found so far. As soon as we know we actually have the place, I'm going to start making purchases.

I love these bar stools! We have this amazing, high breakfast bar in our kitchen and I wanted something kinda classic looking. Not to mention that 3 of them are only $129.99 at Target! Love them so much!

My kitchen has round handles on everything. I know this is probably going to show some of my quirky-ness, but I hate how round knobs on square cabinets looks. So I want to replace them all. I found these brush nickle knobs that will match our fixtures. A steal at $3.04 a piece.

I LOVE this chair. It's absolutely beautiful and matches the colors in my rug SO well. Another Target find at only $299.99!

I love how classic this sofa is and it goes with EVERYTHING. Some nice throw pillows, and it'll be perfect. Find it at Ikea for $499.00!

Next up is finding a new bedroom set, bedding, and stuff for the master bathroom. Stay tuned... I'll post pictures of that soon!


  1. I love that chair! how fun to decorate. I can't wait to get a house and get rid of all the mish-mash hand me downs in my apartment.

  2. Ya, that's where I am right now too. Husband came in with some stuff and we bought some stuff. It looks like a single guys apartment and I'm SO excited to put some girl into the mix. Trying to find a good mix (hence the plain brown sofa and beautiful chair). :)