Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decoration Inspiration Part 2 - The Master Bedroom

So for part 2 of my decoration inspiration I decided to tackle the master bedroom.

For most of my relationship with Sean, everything in our bedroom has been mis-matched and one of several different bed sets. My goal with our new place is to have things be cohesive and my style.

The first thing we plan to buy when we move into our new place is a bed set for a King Size bed, including a new bed. We measured the wall and it should be just big enough for a king bed and 2 night stands. Sean and I have very different taste when it comes to bed furniture. I LOVE sleigh beds and Sean refuses to sleep in them. So, after looking at a bunch of different sets, we finally found one we agree on.

This bed has the sleigh bed feel without having the foot board. That is Sean's biggest complaint when it comes to sleigh beds, so I agreed to look for a bed without it. The other thing I like about this set is that its pretty classic in style, so it won't be "out of style" in a few years when we go to sell our house. 

This is the bed set that I want. I love the idea of a light bed set against the dark wood. There are SO many windows in our new bedroom, and I want to play that up by picking bedding with a more laid back feel.

That's it for the master. I'd like to put up curtains eventually, but the house comes with all the blinds, and it doesn't make sense financially to replace all of them with curtains. So we will have to see where we go with that. Maybe eventually we will replace them, but not right away. 

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