Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Buying in the Burbs Part 1

So Sean and I are buying a house!

We got approved on Wednesday and went to do our first round of looking at places on Thursday. We ended up finding a place that we LOVED and we were going to put an offer in.

So Friday morning we met our realtor back at the house, where she told us there were a couple other offers and we needed to get ours in now and at our best price if we wanted the place. So we took one last look around and decided to make an offer.

I was SO excited. The house was amazing, especially for the price.

And then my realtor called us. Apparently, the assistant that she talked to that morning didn't have all her information correct and when my realtor called to talk to the other realtor, she found out that they had already accepted an offer on the place. I was SO bummed, but Sean and I had already discussed the "what if" since we knew there were other offers.

So the hunt continues. We are going to an open house today to look at another place and have an appointment set up to go looking again on Wednesday (though we are hoping to move it up sooner). We have found a couple more pretty amazing places to go look at, so we will see.

More on this to come... :)

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